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Welcome to Asian Votes, our site to help you decide who to vote for in the upcoming 2018 elections. We started this site to help fight racism through democracy. Some politicians support racist policies and we will fight them.

US gubernatorial elections will be held on November 6, 2018, in 36 states and three territories. In addition, special elections may take place if other gubernatorial seats are vacated.

New York State Governor Election

New York State Governor Race
CandidatePartyStance on Racism
Andrew CuomoDemocrat Fail
"New York Governor Andrew Cuomo directed the State and City University of New York systems not only to maintain their current inclusion policies but to review and find ways to expand them over the next month." - Spectrum News (July 2018)
"Governor Cuomo Issues Open Letter to SUNY and CUNY Directing Them to Maintain [racist admission policies]" - Governor Cuomo's Press Release (July 2018)
Marcus MolinaroRepublicanUnknown
No reply to repeated requests for stance
Larry SharpeLibertarianUnknown
No reply to repeated requests for stance

US Senate Elections will be held November 6, 2018, with 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate being contested in regular elections and two seats being contested in special elections. The winners will serve six-year terms from January 3, 2019, to January 3, 2025.

Arizona Senate Election

Maryland Senate Race
CandidatePartyStance on Racism
Kyrsten SinemaDemocrat Fail
Said that race, ethnicity or gender be taken into account in state agencies' decisions on public employment, state college and university admissions, and state contracting.
-Arizona 2006 Congressional National Political Awareness Test
Martha McSallyRepublicanUnknown
Reaching out

Maryland Senate Election

Maryland Senate Race
CandidatePartyStance on Racism
Ben CardinDemocrat Fail
Publicly announced support of racism
Tony CampbellRepublicanUnknown
Reached out, pending reply
Neal SimonIndependantUnknown
Reached out, pending reply
Arvin VohraLibertarian WINNER
"If elected, I will sponsor legislation to eliminate all Affirmative Action laws, racial quotas, gender preference requirements, etc. I will also sponsor legislation to repeal any restrictions on business decisions to refuse service or fire employees. Any business has the natural right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, or fire anyone for any reason. Business owners are free individuals, not government servants. If elected, I will sponsor legislation to repeal any law that forces a business to provide service to or not fire anyone."

California Senate Election

California Senate Race
CandidatePartyStance on Racism
Dianne FeinsteinDemocrat Fail
Voted NO on banning affirmative action hiring with federal funds (July 1995)
Kevin de LeónDemocrat Fail
Enthusiastic and vocal supporter of racist SCA 5 proposal.
Hoover reports he will continue to push for racist college admission policies. (October 2014)